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The Empire State Building in this morning’s fog. 

The Empire State Building in this morning’s fog. 

Vine in Winter.

Vine in Winter.

A trail along the Chesapeake with Sean and Brian. December 21, 2013


Pinched Witness, Philadelphia, PA, October 4th, 2013. This show is playing all this week too. Buy tickets here.

Las Vegas: Attempts to find calm in a mad city # 2

Las Vegas: Moments of peace in a mad city.


An intimate view of No Face Performance’s Bastard Piece. Philly Fringe Festival. 

No Face Performance Group has done it again with this new, thought provoking giggle filled work called Bastard Piece. This show explores the concept of memories and snapshots of time, trying to pull out and describe the feelings and moments from the past or the future. Have you ever had to scour through the layers of your mind to piece together a memory or dream? These deeply inward looking moments in life are as fleeting as the memories being explored. This show is a trip worth taking. Philly Fringe should be proud to have No Face Performance on the schedule. The choreography is purposefully whacky, intelligent and impressive and the energy exhausted by these three performers is quite admirable. 

Good morning.

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